Latvia Golden Visa

3 Months

  • Invest € 50,000
  • € 10,000 State Fee
  • 5 Years Residence Permit
Real Estate
3 Months

  • Invest € 250,000
  • € 12,500 State Fee
  • 5 Years Residence Permit
3 Months

  • Invest € 250,000
  • € 38,000 State Fee
  • 5 Years Residence Permit

Top Benefits of Latvia immigration

It may surprise you that Latvia is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is economically and also socially highly developed, and almost everybody speaks English. Latvia offers residence permit to those who invest in the country.

The cheapest option for European residency

The Latvian business investment option is the only program costing less than all other European residence permit investment options.

You can live, work and study in Latvia

With a Latvian residence permit, you can live and work in a highly developed European country. Your children will get a European education, and you may even start a business in Latvia.

Visa-free travel in Europe

Latvia is part of the Schengen zone of Europe, allowing you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa.

Your family is included

Your spouse and your minor children up to age 18 will also receive a Latvian residence permit. Moreover, you can invite your relatives for visiting purposes, up to and including second-degree relatives.

Available Options

Business Investment, Real Estate Investment, Government Bonds or Bank Deposit

It is one of the greenest countries in the world

✔ Plenty of fresh water: 3,000 lakes and 12,000 rivers
✔ Over 50% of its territory is covered with forests
✔ Ranked second according to the worldwide Environmental Performance Index (EPI) by Yale University

High quality of life

✔ Moderate climate: Summer temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius — no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no floods
✔ Top-level healthcare services
✔ The crime rate is very low, and safety standard is very high in Latvia

European education

✔ Plenty of international schools and universities with English education for international students
✔ Latvian universities are highly ranked among the best universities in the world
✔ State schools are free

Moderate cost of living

✔ Cost of living in Latvia is 33.71% lower, rent in Latvia is 54.12% lower than in France
✔ You can rent a 3 bedrooms apartment for 500 euro in a month
✔ An average meal in an average restaurant is about 7 euro

Latvians are friendly

✔ Latvia is the 14th most liberal country in the world according to MoveHub
✔ According to US News, Latvia ranks 26th among countries that care about human rights, gender equality and religious freedom
✔ Almost everybody speaks English

Who will get residency in Latvia?

Main Applicant

Clean criminal record
Clear source of funds


Clean criminal record
Marriage certificate


Below 18 year old
Birth certificate


Not included
Schengen Visa